This unit is designed to introduce students to the seven themes that will feature prominently in the sixth grade social studies course. Activities will focus on conflict and change, culture, governance, human environmental interactions, location, production, distribution and consumption, time, change and continuity. At the conclusion of this unit students should demonstrate effective use of the enduring understandings and can apply the enduring understandings to their lives and to prior knowledge.

Assignment One: The World Around Us PowerPoint and Quiz: Review the seven continents and five oceans. Take the basic World Geography Quiz.

Assignment Two: Review this PowerPoint and take notes on those items that you do not know.

Assignment Three: Review these PowerPoints and take notes. You will need to copy the notes on each slide. There will be a quiz.

Assignment Four: Group Work on Connecting Themes. While working in groups, answer the questions as a group and write in the spaces provided.

Quiz: Complete the Social Studies Quiz about the Connecting Themes PowerPoint slides that you just watched.